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At PTN, we are on a mission to help you boost efficiencies, reduce costs and optimise production capabilities. With simple ingenuity and an eye for detail, our smart feeding, drinking and ventilation products along with expert advisory and construction services are revolutionising poultry farms, worldwide.

Healthy chickens.  Healthy business.

Poultry experts. Problem solvers.

  • PTN’s suite of simple, purpose-built products and services are designed to:

    • Keep your birds evenly watered and fed

    • Keep your sheds well ventilated and dry

    • Reduce the risk of bacterial issues

    • Save you time, with easy-care cleaning and maintenance

    • Save you money, through extended product life

    • Give you confidence, with proven science, service and support

  • PTN’s pragmatic and cleverly designed products and services are created to:

    • Enhance the care and welfare of the flock

    • Achieve an improved feed conversion ratio

    • Maintain consistent growth rates with 360-degree feeding and drinking

    • Lower the mortality rate, reduce infections and pathogens caused by bacteria

    • Optimise efficiencies with easier care and maintenance

    • Save you money, through extended product life

    • Give you peace-of-mind, with on-going service and product support

  • PTN’s suite of simple, purpose-built products have been developed to:

    • Offer a clear point of difference

    • Take a chicken-centric approach

    • Combine innovation with simple, common-sense

    • Offer enhanced business performance

    • Promise durability and long-term cost savings

    • Are grounded in years of dedicated poultry expertise

    • Are backed by professional service and supply

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When it comes to the care of your flock and the smooth running of your farming operation, you need a partner you can rely on. With our simple kiwi ingenuity and eye for detail, we solve the problems others ignore.

Our customers are saying


Jimmy Chand

General Manager, Cobb Vantress


I’ve always valued my frank and direct conversations with PTN, who have been great at collaborating and responsive to any new ideas.  They put a lot of thought and care into their product design.  And it’s a real strength to be dealing with the owners of the company – as things get done fast.


Sue Okey & Graeme Parkinson

Double R Farm


PTN is our one stop shop!  No job is too big or too small.  They hold all our relevant equipment like feeders and drinkers, etc.  And if they don’t have what we need, they’ll go out of their way to source it.


Michael Cunningham

Broiler Farms


Over the years we’ve used a lot of PTN’s equipment on our chicken farm with great success.  When ordering any extra parts it’s only a phone call and it’s on its way - great service!


Claire & Andrew Weir

Antrim Farms


PTN are our go to for quality product, providing reliable and efficient service.  Steve, Shelley, and the team are great people to do business with.


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