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After more than two decades of designing, manufacturing, installing equipment and building sheds, our team’s understanding of bird health, productivity and process efficiencies is second to none.

As part of our expert consulting services, we can visit your site and offer practical advice on how to optimise your operation. We can also identify areas for improvement and where you could potentially build on your investment.


PTN are a different kind of poultry business. We apply state-of-the-art thinking to common problems. We go deep - observing the birds, walking the lines, talking to farmers and learning more about the biological processes in broiler sheds.

We have come up with creative ideas and inventions to solve problems… it’s something we’ve been doing for the last 20 years.

A lot has changed over that time, but a lot hasn’t.

We see the dedication and passion in the industry but we also see the stress that some flocks and their growers live with. 

Solving problems, and seeing opportunity where others may see challenge is what we do best – talk to us today for an assessment of your operations.

Advice to rule the roost.


PTN’s specialist design and construction services cover everything from extensions and refurbishments, to building from scratch and installing our own equipment as a full turn-key solution.

After decades in the industry, we know what works best for the farmer and the flock, and can tailor our solutions to suit your needs.

In keeping with our commitment to quality, only the best, fit-for-purpose materials are used in the making of our sheds, such as fully galvanised steel frames and robust PIR panels. You can be sure your final solution is strong, fire retardant, and built to last.


Rethinking the everyday.
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