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Ruffling feathers since 2005.

Who we are

Steve Cottam and Frank Ermerins are proud Kiwis, passionate inventors, and the original founders of PTN. Our background includes 50+ years of combined poultry farming experience, along with considerable expertise within the manufacturing, construction, and mechanical design sectors.

Starting out as a team of two nearly 20 years ago, our business originally revolved around building state-of-the-art broiler and breeding sheds. A penchant for problem-solving, and a desire to constantly improve, innovate and push the boundaries, however, saw us rapidly move into the area of product design, with the aim of changing the poultry farming process for the better.

As New Zealanders (from the land of Kiwi-ingenuity), our approach has always been hands-on. Time spent on the ground, watching the birds, talking to the farmers, walking the lines and getting to know the biological processes within the sheds, has profoundly shaped our work. We put care and heart into all that we do - this is reflected in our solutions.

Today, PTN remains proudly 100% Kiwi-owned and operated. We’re proud to be growing a global brand, a growing team, and excited for the journey ahead, as we continue our mission to improve bird health, reduce energy costs, optimise productivity and make poultry farming a more profitable, sustainable endeavour.

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Your questions answered.

  • It’s our expertise that makes the difference. PTN are poultry experts. Unlike many of our competitors, we aren’t involved in other agricultural sectors. Instead we specialise in poultry.

  • Our feed pans are interchangeable with most modern systems, meaning you can choose whether to integrate gradually or all at once.

  • Yes, the feeders have 360-degree distribution with easy access for chicks on day 1.

  • We manufacture right here in New Zealand using state of the art manufacturing processes. This makes PTN’s feeders and drinkers a highly cost effective option by comparison with products from other markets.

  • Yes. We continually manufacture, ensuring stock is always available when required.

  • Yes. PTN is a New Zealand family-owned business. Our products are designed and manufactured here in New Zealand.

  • Our products are ergonomically designed. This means less friction against skin and feathers, more comfort, easy cognition, fewer drips, better ventilation and drier litter. All of these factors decrease bacteria, making a safer and more healthy environment for the birds.

  • Yes. We manufacture all our products using hard-wearing, long-lasting plastics that can be recycled at the end of their use.

  • Our drinker is volume based which gives maximum flow rate at every nipple. This makes for uniform growth across the flock. The drinkers are also designed to reduce spills keeping litter drier.

  • No, we use fast and reliable shipping which means we are able to work with you to meet your timelines.

  • PTN was founded in 2005 by Steve Cottam and Frank Ermerins, experts in the poultry business, mechanical engineering, and construction.


Poultry experts. Problem solvers.


PTN products are specifically designed to be practical, easy-care, low maintenance use. Proven results show improved FCR, enhanced productivity and decreased mortality - ultimately saving you time and money. It's the smarter choice, supported by a trustworthy service and a team that understands your unique, regional needs. With tailored advice, local service engineers and easy access to parts and repairs, we're your #1 partners in poultry.


Our products are crafted from the bird’s perspective, with ergonomic features to enhance physical comfort, ensure efficient intake and encourage consistent, uniform growth across the flock. Our feeding, drinking and ventilation systems are precision-designed. Which are designed to better shed conditions and boosted bird health and wellbeing.


Our hallmark is smart design and creative solutions. We apply advanced thinking to everyday problems and continue to challenge the system, coming up with new and better ways to do things. Over 20 years in the broiler and breeding industry has given us the knowledge we need to make a difference. With our volume-based drinkers, 360-degree feeders and automated ventilation systems, we pay attention to the detail, because that's what gives you the edge.

What we do & how we do it

Smart design. Simple solutions.

Our main aim is to supply specialised solutions and expert advice for your business. While other suppliers may also service the pork, sheep, dairy, horticulture and insect farming sectors, our focus is poultry. The result is a specialist range of products and consulting services.

We create solutions for maximum impact, so that:

  • Farmers get more time and money to spend on growing their business

  • Integrators get better quality meat productivity to increase profits

  • Distributors get products with a true point of difference

When it comes to the care of your flock and the smooth-running of your farming operation, you need a partner you can rely on. This is where we come in. Focused on offering simple, pragmatic solutions that make sound business sense, there are three key factors that set us apart.

The four key values that underpin our approach:


We always try to find smarter solutions that make life easier.


Whatever we do, we are continually fine-tuning to improve performance, demonstrating and sharing incremental gains as we go.


We choose tougher, longer-lasting, sustainable materials and use trusted construction methods. Our products are New Zealand made, built to last.


Everything we design is crafted from the birds' perspective; made to integrate with the natural biological processes of the flock.

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